Apologetics: Why We Believe What We Believe

Apologetics (from the Greek apologia) is a type of rhetorical writing in which the proponent of a tenet, theory or religious doctrine presents reasoned arguments or writings in justification of his or her belief. In the days of the Greeks, when someone was summoned to court to face a charge, he would present an “apology” or a defense. Specific to Christianity, apologetics is said to be “the defense and confirmation of the Gospel,” and includes putting forth basic principles that guide the believer in defending the faith.

Reflections on Proverbs 1-4

Which proverb especially speaks to your life situation today?  How should you respond? Fear of the L

Is God The Author Of Sin?

This raises the perennial theological and philosophical issue of the relationship of God to evil. If

June 24, 1997 - Tuesday - 10:20 a.m.

I took archive pictures of My Fair Lady last night, then talked on the RSJ chatline afterwards.  I talked to girls in Austrailia, Singapore, and a guy in California.  It’s great to meet Christians from all over the world.  I had a good time.

Jeni came over and visited me about 12:30 in the morning.  She stayed for about two hours.  We just talked and held each other.  Then we gave each other a good night kiss.

We are so weird.  Your will be done God.

Seven days left in June.

Paper Smile

I could choke on the heart that’s up in my throat,

and I don’t even know why it’s there.

I feel like a wound radiating with pain,

as soon as it’s hit by the air.

But I don’t know what hurts,

cause everything does;

hard to pinpoint the home of despair.

Crawling out of my skin,

with a smile on my chin;

pretending I don’t have a care.


~Photographer Unknown

Roman Catholic Ecumenical and Interfaith Outreach - Established 1964

Did I get your attention? Some may find the photo and caption above to be slightly heavy-handed, but the very real danger of ecumenism with Rome far eclipses any Hollywood fantasy.

June 23, 1997 - Monday - 11:25 a.m.

A year ago yesterday, I filmed a wedding anniversary at The Farm House and met Dawn.  Yesterday, we went to church together.  Hmm.

Kate and Charlie have broken up.  It happened a couple of days ago.  Charlie says they still talk some.  He is having people pray that they get back together.  Kate broke up with him.  She said she had been feeling it was ending for about a month.

God’s will be done.

I got my Regent University application in today.  It’s a big application and it appears to be a long process.

The TL:DR Bible: Matthew 13

Chapter 13:

Jesus is teaching to a large crowd.

“A farmer went out to plant seed. He threw some seed and some of it landed on the ground and the birds ate it. He threw some on rocky ground, and the plants died because they had no roots. He threw some into weeds, and the weeds killed them. And he threw some onto good ground and it grew up and bore fruit.”

Sounds like a pretty bad farmer.

The disciples say, “Why aren’t you teaching them normally? Why use parables?”


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