Cookie Day

Today’s post will be brief. I just came home from a meeting at church where we were served warm, fresh-baked cookies (sadly, not vegan, but I ate two anyway) at the end of the event.

The cookies were flawless – symmetrical, chewy – not crunchy – and did I mention warm? As in right out of the oven?

One minute please...

Hi, dear friends;

God is a prayer answering God(John:14:14)

I hope you are praying to Jesus everyday; if you do not mind can you participate in this poll

If you wish you can also explain the reason in the comment box.

~Just because we're not listening, doesn't mean God isn't speaking.~©Kae

For since the Creation of the world God’s invisible qualities, His eternal power and divine nature have been clearly seen…”

When The Cubicle Walls Begin To Close In

No, you aren’t crazy. Those short gray walls surrounding your desk, boxing you in for the next 8 hours have the tendency to move. Even if it’s just mentally. With 80% of your time spent at work, and most likely at a desk, it is easy to go stir crazy. Constantly battling the feeling to just jump up and run out of your office and into a field of soft comfy pillows and a marathon of Stranger Things. Although the temptation is strong, we must prevail.

The intellect and emotions: making sense of life

Hey Matt,

Thanks for a great introduction. I’m going to keep my comments on the Preface itself to a minimum (you covered it really well), and instead share a couple of general introductory thoughts as well as responding really briefly to your post.

While You are Waiting

Wait on the Lord’ is a very well-known phrase that most Christian singles have heard or say to

To Susan, I miss You

Death is an untimely beast. I am taken aback by its ugliness and unwillingness to give us a warning. As much as my hope lies in the promise of eternity, I am still reminded of my humanness, my inability to process grief, and my connection to people I’ve never met.


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