Love Divine

A poem inspired by a dream I had many years ago:

Eyes of depth in love immense

Naval bright from dark intense

Supreme light in love and grace

Upward turn to Holy Face

Dissolve like snow the binds of fear

As eyes so strong all darkness sear

Consuming shame all power is lost

Love eternal of tremendous cost

Piercing through the deepest soul

Affection beyond all earthly toll

Turn and feel the strength behind

Overcome through love divine

Safest in the Shadow

This poem came out of a special time of communion and prayer with God:


Safest in the shadow

The source of all existence

No other place below

To lay down full resistance

Holy is the temple

Plant in the softened place

Come down the crown of life

With oil upon the face

I know where you have been

Hemmed in the rear on guard

I know where you are going

Step on the lightened path

Filled up with breath a new

Akin so close to thee

Grand Tour #11 – Italy. The Betrothed / Alessandro Manzoni

When I asked him for ideas of books to read for this project, an Italian friend suggested Alessandro Manzoni’s The Betrothed (I promessi sposi), which he had read at school and enjoyed. (All Italians read this book at school: it’s the classic Italian 19th-century novel.) I’d heard of the book, albeit primarily as an opera title (Ponchielli’s is the most famous adaptation), and was attracted by the idea of reading a substantial book for a change, most of those I’ve read so far being on the thin side.

What is going on?

I started this blog 3 months back but have revisited it as a result of the Manchester bombing. I often blog about things that are happening in our world in relation to prophecy and scripture; some are quite clear cut, even if it might be frightening to some people, other are quite mysterious. I mention the Illuminati and the occultists who appear to have so much power, but how much power – what is going on?


We might well never know what these two world-changing leaders spoke during their meeting, but words will pale when we consider what these two will do and accomplish in the soon-coming days.


Based on Heb.4-2. I don’t know where I got the word “combined” from, but it is firmly fixed in my memory, so I will use it.

They heard the message but it did them no good. Why is that?

Hearing is no good if not combined with faith. (There must be a similar quote somewhere else). And people were healed by faith.

Birthday Blues

Birthday Blues


Greetings my intrepid followers! Saluts mes amis! Saludos mis queridos intrepidarios!

This day is very important to me…because it is the day of my birth.

As I grow older I realize that life is often less kind to us than we’d admit. Still, I do my best to make the positive out of it even though I am struggling to right now.

Today is my birthday and almost no one remembered.

It hurt. A lot.

The Bible Project

I first heard about the Bible Project at church a couple of months ago. Suffice it to say, I’m a big fan now!

If you have a moment, I encourage you to pop over to the Bible Project’s YouTube channel and check out a couple of the videos posted there. We watched one on the videos on the book of John at church recently (note that it did not substitute for the sermon or anything – our pastor used it as a way to refresh our memories about what had already happened earlier in the book), and I was pleasantly surprised at how comprehensive and lively the video was.


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