I am very thankful for a good day for both me and my son!

God is good!

Blind Leading the Blind

Inspired by a conversation I had with my husband (Thanks, hun!):

Blind leading the blind is a common phrase. However, our meaning or understanding may not always be completely accurate. Being blind would imply a complete absence of sight, both physically and psychologically.

I don’t have 20/20 vision. Without glasses or contacts, everything is blurred. Not absent of sight but absent of focus.

You become what you take in

Well, I have been told by Sarah that I should write a post about music. I have recently been working part time in retail while trying to finish out my College Board Exams before stepping into my actual career of choice. With that in mind, music plays all day long at the store where I work. I can’t help put listen while occasionally catching snippets of actual truth sprinkled in with the songs about the lusts of money, fornication, and self. Satanism is the worship of self, not Satan. And pop-culture lyrics seem to be nothing but self centered short term gratification personified.

The Importance of being Faithful & Trustworthy

Let’s start off with the definition of the word faithful according to faithful


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