When You Lose Your Salt

I had a conversation this afternoon with a friend who was encouraging me as I get out of this funk of mine. Or as they called it lies I started believing, which is true. They were lies.


Recognizing Cult Talk/Patterns

Times of uncertainty create perfect hatching grounds for leaders and groups of all types to spring up, offering peace, comfort, salvation, the clear and true path to enlightenment, or the only way forward. It should be clear that cults do not orient solely around religion, religion just seems to be where it is easier to pick off adherents.

Lazy Eye.

Hi Everyone, I saw my eye surgeon and I am seeing double because I have a, “lazy eye,” along with the cataract. Apparently, my left eye cannot keep up with my right eye. It lags behind. Sort of how my brain doesn’t always keep up with my mouth. Lol  It is kind of disconcerting to see cars on top of each other – the same car, I mean.

The Inner Voice

I recently listened to an Ancient Faith Radio podcast which talked about the ‘inner voice

Donald Trump's battered supporters

In a segment that is both infuriating and perplexing, Fox News anchor Melissa Francis defends Donald

Give Thanks [2017/8/13]

Thank You Jesus for all Your love and mercy.

Thank You for Sabbath. Let us be restored in You :D

Give Thanks [2017/8/12]

Thank You Jesus for a blessed Saturday.

Thank You Lord for giving me rest. I enjoyed the nap and chilled.


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