fear of man

It creeps through slowly in the night
Time stops
Heart beating
Your mind racing a mile a minute

Your body tense
Eyes wide
Will it ever be alright?

You recreate the moment in your mind
And imagine everything that went wrong
That look, that stare
They were laughing behind your back

Your body tense
Eyes wide
Will it ever be all right?

Then you realize it’s all fake
It’s Satan playing with your mind
No one laughed, no one stared
They were thinking only of themselves

Christianity vs. Deism- Lace

Hey everyone! Welcome back to TGWAM! This week is our last week of our first series. I hope you all have enjoyed it so far. The first week I talked about Christianity versus Atheism. Atheism isn’t really a religion at all actually. It’s the lack-of. Atheism is the disbelief or lack of belief in the existence of God or gods.” Last week I talked about Islam.

The meaning of Easter

I have always been confused when people describe my faith as a religion. That’s because, at its heart, Christianity is nothing of the sort. It is a relationship – a romance if you will excuse the bluntness.

And that’s all thanks to Easter.


I read something today that made me wonder and not an awe type of wonder.
A woman posted something on Facebook and the consensus of the comments on the post could be summed up with this quote “… her personal life has NOTHING to do with her faith in god!”

How Much Evidence Does it Take to Believe?

That’s a valid question.

I guess it ultimately depends on what you are being asked to believe and that should be the foundation of the question. That’s what seems to be reasonable. And we want what is reasonable, at least that is what some claim, but as I’ve argued, reason and being reasonable requires grounding.

Scripture of the Day: April 25th, 2017

Scripture of the Day: Luke 2: 13-20
Highlighted are word(s) that have interesting definitions.

Hold Together

He is before all things, and in him all things hold together. –Colossians 1:17 In Jesus, all t


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