Morning Direction from Scripture 3-26-17

My heart is stirred by a noble theme     as I recite my verses for the king;     my tongue is the pe

Walk on in the light with God

To fully understand today’s Gospel (John 9:1-41) of Jesus restoring the sight of the man born blind, we need to go below the surface of the story. This is so often the case when Jesus speaks or acts. He wants us to look deeper into the inner meaning of the story. To do that in this passage, each of us needs to think of our ourselves as the one who is blind, the one who needs the touch of Jesus to help us to see. So that’s the first step. If we think we can see, that we have everything sorted out, that we think we know all the answers, then we are in trouble.

When the Messages Become Personal

As I have taught and every teacher responsible for my writing ability has taught, it is always best

"Let It Play" No More

Hey. (Hmmm, yes?)

I had a thought… (That’s good- kind of like breathing is good.)

Lol. I was just thinking, you know how ____ happened today, and we did ____? (Yes, that was good – the right thing to do.)

Well, it occurred to me that the old me would’ve let that play out – because there might have been something … nice for us- (You mean nice for you, Flesh.)

Right, I keep forgetting… (I know! But you have changed, that’s for sure.)

From Point A to Point B

A year ago, I lost someone pretty important to me; someone I never expected to lose, but I did. He walked out of my life and did not look back. It was one of the most challenging, most growth-worthy year of my life thus far. I learned so many things about who I was and who I wanted to be. I also experienced the five stages of grief for the first time in my life: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance.

Awit Ng Puso

Tumakbo papalayo, at tinikman ang tawag ng mundo.
Sinibukang iwan Ka, at inakalang makakaya ang lahat.
Piniling magkulong, piniling mag-isa.
Pilit isinara ang pintuan ng puso, at sinabing, ‘ako nalang mag-isa.’

Nag bingi-bingihan sa tawag Mo, nagpaka-manhid wag Ka lang maramdaman.
Kinulong ang katawan sa sariling nais nito, akalang sasaya pag lalo pang kumapit at ipinag-patuloy ito.

Dinumihan ang kamay at pinilit na mag-pumiglas. Sinabi sa sarili, ‘kaya ko to.’

Prayer to the Living God

You’re untamed and wild and I but your child,
So I don’t say what I may want you to be to me,
For I’m not free to shake you and remake you;
I take you for who you are, my Morning Star,
Gratefully, not hatefully, ravished by your love,
Mindful you are far above me in your holiness,

Those Verdant Pastures God Keeps Talking About

I play music for the Mass Saturday evenings at my parish. We’re small enough that some nights, it’s just me at a piano cantoring for the Psalm and leading the hymns. The piano in our sanctuary is off to the side and facing the altar, so it’s almost like I can disappear, which is nice. I don’t feel like it’s the “Jon Show”, if you know what I mean. I’m a congregant with all the other congregants. I just happen to be behind a piano.

Over Oceans

However it was true I wanted to be back,

Back where it was rough,

And tough.

It became a dwelling place for me,

I could rest and test myself,

See how far I could go.

See how far this could go.

It was just a ride.

That’s what they said.


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