Give Thanks [2017/8/11]

Thank You Jesus for a fantastic Friday.

Let us be more joyful and thankful every day :D

Young Kids Play In The Streets Of Brooklyn, New York In 1948 – What Americans Can Learn From This

In the midst of all the racial divide going on in the country, a photo was recently released depicting a group of black kids playing in the streets of Brooklyn, NY in 1948. Although segregation was still strict and enforced, these five kids appeared to be having the time of their life, not caught up with politics or corruption. In fact, these kids can give us as Americans a refresher of how to make a negative into a positive.

A Magnet and Mindfulness

Tock tock tock tock tock tock tock tock. The magnet makes this repetitive sound as it works on my br

Summer is Ending

Hello world! I have not sat down to write in two months, and boy does it feel good to get back into

Why We are Primed to be Defensive

Your mind is primed to defend you at all times. That means if something hurts your ego, the immediate reaction will be to reject those words of hurt even if it a good piece of advice. By validating a good piece of advice you might feel vulnerable.

“I told you so” is all you can predict to hear and then you have to admit that you are not as infallible as the ego made you out to be. And sometimes we just don’t want to admit that a jerk was right.

Relics are a bit creepy- an initial reaction by a newbie Catholic

Recently I joined RCIA and we went on a tour of the church. Something I have been fascinated with since the tour has been relics. To my newbie Catholic understanding relics are a sort of holy object that Catholics revere. “Relics, to pit it crassly, are souvenirs of a holy life… anything that once belonged to or came in contact with a saint.” (from Lisa Miller’s article: 4 Sale- Bones of The Saints) Our instructor explained that relics can be pieces of a saint’s dead body. Ummm what? And that many churches have these in their building.


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