For Those with No One to Pray for Them

It’s a daily discipline, this clinging to Jesus. One look away from his Resurrection, I am already standing at the door step of my spiritual death. With just another glance at the Resurrected Jesus, I am instantly brought back to life with a renewed sense of hope. Each day, I journey through heaven and hell, falling and rising constantly. This daily struggle to consciously choose hope takes away ninety percent of my energy, it feels like sometimes.

Why I'm not a Calvinist ...

This graphic shows a side by side comparison in a pretty decent way, and have some of my main disagreements listed. By the way, it’s OK if we disagree.

Why People Leave Christianity - Repost

Someone recently “liked” this post that I wrote back in 2011. Of course, I had forgotten

Morning Direction From Scripture 5-27-17

Listen to my prayer, O God.     Do not ignore my cry for help! 2 Please listen and answer me,     fo

Shoutin Saturdays 5-27-17

He is sending the Fire! He is the Fire! Learn more about the artists of Citipointe Live Here

Who Is The Monkey?

My head hurts.

It is pretty hard to think beyond that.  I might need to accomplish something, but who knows?  I would love to say that I care, but I don’t.

I am caring a lot less about a lot more things.  I am trying less.  I haven’t even picked up my ukulele in a week.  Why bother?  What is it going to do for me?  It makes my fingers hurt.  I do love it, but it pales in comparison to when I could sing.

I murdered a yoga class this morning... even though I didn't want to. 

I’m going through something. 

Traditionally, I would lay in bed all day, isolate myself from friends and family and overall neglect my health and wellbeing. I’ve struggled with anxiety and depression since I was 16 years old. 10 years is an incredibly long time to live in fear of daily activities. Ever since I have found Christ, things have began to change for me.


In the times of old, during the time of Moses and the prophets of old, the Lord spoke very audibly b

POETRY: Ascension, by Malcolm Guite

We saw his light break through the cloud of glory Whilst we were rooted still in time and place As E


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