Today, when I got home from taking Angelica to speech and visiting with my mother, I was in the mood for cake. And I had some cake left over. Well one frosting covered by led to another and pretty soon I had eaten all that was left of the cake.

All things we need He gives, including Motivation

I thank God that in His manifold wisdom and infinite creativity and His thorough knowledge of His cr

Why Catechisms?

Our Wednesday night gatherings are always a special time to gather as a student ministry and be refr

"Beginning At Jerusalem," Part 2.

This post continues and concludes our last post.

Scripture texts:  Luke 24:26, 27, 45-49; John 20:21-23.

3. Luke 24:26, 45-49, The Message Committed to the Churches.

Verse 26 gives us the essence of Gospel preaching.  There are many Biblical subjects we can preach and teach on, but the Gospel itself is about the two things in Luke’s text.

a. An Awful Reality, vs. 26,

1). “the sufferings of Christ”.

The TL:DR Bible: John 8-10

Chapter 8:

A later editor likely added this story since it didn’t appear in the earliest manuscripts. But it involved Jesus teaching in the Temple in Jerusalem when the Pharisees bring in a woman they caught in the act of adultery.

“Hey, Jesus, the Law says we should stone her, what do you say?”

Jesus writes in the dirt.

“Come on, Dude, should we kill her?”

“Let the one without sin throw the first stone at her.”

Jesus writes in the dirt some more.

The Carnal Consequence

We all have our carnal moments every once in a while and that is courtesy of being confined in a sin

Welcome to Iowa!

This past weekend was filled with so much joy, celebration, and laugher. Thursday night my family from Peru came to stay with us. My mom’s brother was a missionary in Peru and eventually met, fell in love, and married a Peruvian woman. They have four children: Marcos (18), Lucas (16), Sara (14), and Jennifer (11). Jennifer was not able to come to the States as she is still in the long process of being adopted. They have been in the US for three weeks and came to Iowa to celebrate John and Maddy’s wedding reception.


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