A Christian asking an atheist asking a Christian about tragedy

I wrote the below for a friend who is an atheist who was in discussion with her friend, a christian, who was struggling with the Manchester atrocity and didn’t know how to talk to her so came to another Christian (me!). This was my reply to the questions she didn’t have the answers to for her Christian friend. This post is for people who don’t have a faith and need answers and for followers of Jesus who can’t fit their concepts of life & God with what happened in that arena.

R. Laurence Moore on Conspiratorial Tactics against Esotericism

R. Laurence Moore on the “conspiracy theory” of esotericism. “Writers in the nineteenth century who


They never really knew me,

If they thought that I was happy inside,

I was desolate.

And haunted by these images,

Of things that were once real,

In the past.

If they thought that I had plans,

They were wrong,

For I’d nowhere to go,

Nor was I making plans.

Explaining Postmodernism (Book Review)

Explaining Postmodernism: Skepticism and Socialism from Rousseau to Foucault by Steven R.C. Hicks (w

A critical look at Dr Craig's morality (3)

This is the third part in which I examine an article on Dr Craig’s website reasonablefaith.org . The original article can be found here and I suggest, that you read my first part and my second part of this series, if you haven’t done so already.

Leaving The Familiar Behind

Genesis 19

1 It was evening when the two angels came to Sodom. Lot was sitting at Sodom’s [city] gate. Seeing them, Lot rose up to meet them and bowed to the ground.

Love Lessons - 5 - Moving Forward

Love – Lesson 5 – Moving Forward

It has been a while dear friends, thank you for your patience now let’s move swiftly forward.

Here in Romania, there are two phrases that people in my region use a lot:

Ce sa faci? – (What is there to do?) And Viata merge inainte – (Life moves forward)

I always found both of these phrases rather curious in both senses of the word

It’s been a while… a long while… I remembered my password!

Well. It’s been a while… a long while… to the point where I almost forgot about this blog. but, I can’t believe I actually remembered the password. Thanks to my brother-in-law Steve give him a follow https://rugspinner.wordpress.com/

A lot has happened since my last entry on March 27, 2014 (that’s 3 years, and just shy of 2 months.)

So, what has been going on Jody? I know you’re dying to read about it… all 9 of you. Thank you! =0)

Morning Direction from Scripture 5-25-17

Listen to my prayer, O God.     Do not ignore my cry for help! 2 Please listen and answer me,     fo


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