"Studying God's Word"

“Studying God’s Word”


Studying. We all love to do it!!! AmIright?! Huh??? Okay, so maybe only us nerds love studying. And, yes, I am admitting I am a nerd.

I do like to read, and to study what I am reading. It does not matter to me if it is a short article or an in-depth textbook. If I have it before me, I want to know everything about it. I am just inquisitive that way.

Fate of the Lir-Brood... Stuart France

* Finnola, once my pride and joy Dark Aedh, of adventures bold Bright Fiachra, gentle, playful boy L

How to Share the Gospel with Your Co-Workers

If you are in the same boat as me, then you are probably no Reinhard Bonnke, Lou Engle, or Todd White who have the honor of preaching to thousands of people in stadiums worldwide. They are absolute GIANTS in the faith, but they certainly cannot reach everyone.  If you’re like me, then sometimes you may get lazy, or even discouraged because you feel like you aren’t doing “big” things like those famous preachers, and so well, what’s the point?

POETRY: Hope by George Herbert

I gave to Hope a watch of mine: but he An anchor gave to me. Then an old prayer-book I did present:


JESUS IS the same, yesterday, today and forever.  HE was alive before the world began.  All things that were created out of the abundance of our Great GOD!  HIS ways are overwhelmingly amazing.  HE created this universe, all the heavens and earth and everything in it with order and purpose.  HE created you and I above the creatures of the earth with minds to make choices and to choose or reject HIM, to obey or disobey HIS WORD,  to exalt HIM or to exalt yourself,  to Praise HIM or yourself, to offer yourself as a servant to others or demand service from others.

Ways to Handle False Teaching

  Titus 1:10-16 shows us how. But before noting what that passage tells us, it is important to


Sometimes, if we are lucky or blessed or fortunate, we experience moments that call us back to ourselves.

I had a moment like that recently, when my wife and I went on a kayaking adventure in Portugal. There were about 24 of us, divided into 2 groups led by bronzed young men who looked like they had never eaten a carb.


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