Reviewers Needed

Faith and Reason will be launching on March 28 at the following book sellers book sellers.  I am looking for twenty gracious people to donate their time by reviewing the book.  If you are interested please send me an email, and I will get you an ebook this weekend.  My personal email is  I appreciate your support more than you will ever know.  God bless you all.

The Poor You Will Always Have With You - A Response Post

This post is in response to Nancy Drew, who wrote a response to the original post: 3 Strange But Tru

My Consuming Fire

Never destroying, only molding, shaping . . . restoring, You are my consuming fire, assuming every p

OLDS: White Water Raft Guiding

Ah, the river.

Honestly, this was the most stretching section for me.  I am not a big water person anyway, but water that is 45 degrees, moves quickly, and is littered with hazards makes me even less of a water person.

We spent eight days on the Nantahala River learning to guide and also completing a Swift Water Rescue Level 4 Certification (SWR). This involved a lot of time spent in wetsuits practicing rescuing people and trip after trip after trip down the river in our rafts.

"Airplane Ear": Are You Deaf to God's Voice?

Have you ever had an annoying ailment, sickness, sniffle, cold, anything. Well, last week I was deaf


+ In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

[50 days Indulgence; 100 days if made with holy water.]

Place yourself in the presence of God, and humbly adore Him.

Blessed be the holy and undivided Trinity, now and forever. Amen.

I adore thee, O my Saviour Jesus Christ, and I give thee thanks for having, by thy sufferings and Death upon the Cross, redeemed the world. O thou, Who didst suffer so much for love of me, grant me mercy!


Have you guy’s ever had Mrs.Freshly’s Pecan Twirls? I love to put butter on them, heat t


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