I begin my Sabbatical this week; I won’t be posting my own sermons for the next six weeks or so. In the meantime, continuing on the theme of suffering, I want to direct you to one of the great Bible Teachers of this generation: John Piper. This is one of Piper’s sermons on suffering.

John Piper’s Sermon on the Fiery Trials.

A few notes:

Abusing Prayer

I can often forget the weight of prayer. It is a aspect of the Christian life taken for granted. It is a tool incorrectly use by many. “Oh I will be praying for your situation.” This is a statement we can often run the risk of using to make sure an individual believes we were listening to their plight with sympathy. We might be lucky if we just pass off a brief one sentence prayer about the situation to check off the list.

I'm Pregnant Now What? How To Cope With An Unexpected Pregnancy

I’m pregnant, now what. There are many women out there who experience an unplanned pregnancy. I was one of those women, when I found myself pregnant with my son I didn’t know what to do or what to think. But my son turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to me and I could not imagine my life without him.  You can read my blog here to hear my while story on how I found myself single and pregnant.

carpe diem?

how beautiful it must be to die living ones dream? I heard a bbc program about a base jumper. he was talking about some friends of his who lost their life during jumping and he expressed his bereavement very intensely but did not regret doing it nevertheless. the danger notwithstanding the adrenalin and living life to the fullest ist worth the risk. is there something bad about risking ones life? this cannot be answered naturally right away and it again depends on individual conscience, but is not a short life lived to the fullest better than a long one spent in fear?

If You Only Knew

Joy and I have now officially been fostering for an entire year and I must say that I am somehow both exhausted and refreshed, simultaneously discouraged and enthusiastically encouraged, and saddened by all the hurt I’ve seen but honored to be able to speak into the heart of it.

The Knives Are Out...

I’ve written about the peculiar Christian practice of arguing over films before, and find it i

Alpha Session 11 - The Evil Session...

Not quite as sinister as it sounds, but a session about evil – where it comes from and how we can fight it. I’ve got to say that this one was a lot of fun – I think a few other groups may have given us some funny looks as we kept bursting into fits of laughter throughout this pretty serious topic!


The other night I sat at a table and listened to someone’s view on something I happen to disagree with. Meekly, I said that it concerns me because I don’t think my kids are ready to be exposed to something they are too young to understand. I know my kids and I know my one kid who picks up on everything. Anyway, I was quickly shut up by this person who looked to the other person and made a comment about people who jump on bandwagons.

Reading the Entire Bible

Reading the Entire Bible

This year, I began the long, long process of reading through the entire Bible (NLT version, just in case anyone was wondering). I thought that it would be incredibly difficult to focus because a long time ago, I tried to read through and found myself zoning out and skimming a lot but I’ve learned so much this year.


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