Are you a

Are you a Christian? Do you know what it means to be a Christian? This may seem like a simple question to ask, but it isn’t really. However they are questions you will have to answer. A Christian is a follower of Christ Jesus who died to save us from our sins. Most people know this, but how many KNOW HIM.

Note From Gonzaga: “You Can Win More With Few”

Coach Mark Few said this: Gonzaga “making The Final Four means Everything!” I’m happy for coach Few

Experiencing and Overcoming Temptation

I grew up in a Christian household; we regularly went to church, we were in church groups, we went to church camp, we prayed at every meal, we read regularly from the Bible, etc. And yet, my parents never talked about their personal relationships with God. I know they had one, later in my life my dad told me a lot about his walk with God, but it was stuff I would never have known otherwise, because they never talked about it when we were young.

We must build a Universe Simulation inside the present Universe Simulation

We must build our selfs a universe simulation, just like the one we are supposedly in. The universe simulation we are supposedly in is what we call reality:

article in

Why must we build a simulation inside a simulation?

When Cancer Invaded My Family - Part 1

26th March 2017. One year since the diagnosis that has changed my family’s life forever. My younger sister Sonetta had been suffering random chest pains while eating / drinking for a few months. In January 2016, she vomited during a meal because her food wasn’t going down. From then, the chest pains increased till in March 2016, every meal was an ordeal. My mother, who had just returned to her home in Abu Dhabi after staying with me in Sydney to help with my newborn son, travelled to Chicago to help Sonet.


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