An Eye for An Eye vs. Turning the Other Cheek

There are many things I didn’t prepare myself for when I became a father. Among these is the g

Tuesday Tips- #5 Reject It Unless You Would Have Created It Yourself

Reader MK provides us today with another guest post. As always, these opinions don’t necessarily represent my own.


This tip seems a tad antisocial, but it’s precisely the opposite.

I recommend critically examining every cultural event then ask: “Would I have created this myself? If the answer is no, just walk away. Life is too short.

Has the Word become rare in Laymen’s Evangelical Fellowship?

God rescued the people of Israel from slavery with mighty wonders and brought them into the Promised

Imaginary Numbers and God

In algebra right now I’m being tickled with the study of imaginary numbers.  It’s funny, normally when people think about imaginary numbers, we think, “Well, what good will that do?  They’re not real!  What purpose could they possibly serve?”  Au contraire, imaginary numbers are all around us.  For why did we decide that some numbers are imaginary and some are “real,” anyway?  What is reality, after all?  Is it everything we have decided we can wrap our subjective brains around?  Meh, I don’t like the way the square root of this negative number looks – it doesn’t make any sense to me.

You Must Be Born Again

Gospel Songs For God Day 3: You Must Be Born Again

Song by Mahalia Jackson 

Old Nicodemus went calling, to see the Lord one day; Said, “Master”, something’s wrong with me My heart’s not feeling right.

Excellence of God's People: Doing Our Best

I stumbled upon the below text in my studies. It orginates from a book called  “Excellence: Th

The Effects of our end time view on politics

The Effects of our end time view on politics

I have written previously about my personal concern with the Dominion Mandate aka 7M aka 7 mountain belief. I will put the links below to part 1 and 2. This is somewhat of a part 3. I was very much involved in the prayer movement. I noticed a major shift about 20 years ago, in language within the movement that began to confuse me. Most of it had to do with the Dominion Mandate.

Rest in the Lord, and wait patiently for him! (Post # 1879)

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