Meditations on Civil Government in the Word of God – Part Five


Now to the crux of Paul’s revelation: God establishes all authority including that of every civil government (v 13:1-2).  There is no authority apart from God; that is, no agent whether moral or immoral, can wield authority without the direct authorization of God.  In His sovereignty, God decides which earthly powers rise and which fall, when and how, down to the specific appointments.

Meditations on Civil Government in the Word of God – Part Four


The people as well as the ministers can dictate law.  But each would do so in their own self-interests – which would necessarily conflict – based upon their own morality.  Those moralities would be as fluid and dynamic as the composition – and most likely as the majority – of each group changed.  Such situational morality being relative would prove unstable and unpredictable, rendering it ineffective as a  legal foundation.  A house divided cannot stand.

Meditations on Civil Government in the Word of God - Part One

In his epistle to the Romans, consistent with his letter to Titus (v 3:1) and in his first of two to Timothy (v 2:1-2), and of one accord in the Spirit with Peter in his first letter to God’s ‘elect’ (v 2:13-14), the Apostle Paul writes on a timely topic:

Revelation Quote

The Christians were a pitiably small remnant, persecuted by mighty foes.  To all outward appearance

Testament 32: our driving force 

I find it remarkable how people I don’t know, people I’ve never spoken to, can share the same thoughts as me. I’ll think something…well, it’s more than a thought. It’s like an idea that spontaneously takes root in me. This concept causes me to think and feel a certain way. Days later, I will find those very same thoughts in scriptures, or Ill hear another Christian speak my very thoughts…word for word…emotion for emotion.

The Two Canvases

What if I offered you a new way at looking at people? At work yesterday, during the conversation that inspired the previous post, I brought up a theory I have. People are comprised of two canvases: an inner canvas and an outer one. When I got to work today, I emailed the two ladies and thanked them for the blessing they gave me and one of the responses was thanking me for my two canvases analogy. Anyway, the more I think about it, the more intense the image becomes in my mind.

But what are the canvases?

Feeble Attempts Past our Expiration Date

With the now warm weather and springtime growth comes a host of fresh vegetables and fruits.  While visiting our local fruit stand, our eyes go wide with the deliciousness that nature presents, yet often our eyes are bigger than our appetites, and we end up buying more than we need.  Now normally, that purchase isn’t a problem, but with all of what we are buying being local produce, the shelf life on a lot of these items isn’t very long.  The amount of purchases that must thrown out to the animals can be heartbreaking, but at least someone is enjoying them.


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