the various meanings of ‘earthling’

    The noun earthling is composed of earth and the suffix -ling, meaning, in this case, a person be

Evening Meditation 5-24-17

Listen to my prayer, O God.     Do not ignore my cry for help! 2 Please listen and answer me,     fo

Angry with God

Maybe “angry” is too strong a word. Maybe it’s more like: “Smoldering with quiet resentment towards God.” But in either case, what do you do when you realize that the difficult marriage you have, or the dead-end job you’re in, or the cancer diagnosis doesn’t amount to the “abundant life” you thought Jesus was promising? 

Bono Has A Message For Young Christian Artists

Bono Has A Message For Young Christian Artists ~Carol Kuruvilla, The Huffington Post | Repost

Fathertime: Be Patient, Father Will Come For You.

The problem with being patient is that most of use up our natural grace period to decisions that don’t produce the desired outcome. When you are younger, say teenage years through mid-twenties, you can get away with decisions that don’t turn out the way that you expect; everyone you know expects you to miss it because of your youth, and lack of experience. We have built into our employment culture the one almighty word that you can see running off the resume or job application before a word is spoken: and we all say the word, EXPERIENCE. Lol.

Bright as the Stars

It’s been a challenging week. More than that, with the events in Manchester, it’s been a tragic week. Our thoughts and our prayers have been with those who have lost loved ones, those whose loved ones have been injured, and everyone who has been affected by a senseless act of violence.


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