Chapter 4: The Great Why of God

This is part 4 of my series reading, highlighting, and commenting on David Platt’s book Radical. I’m going chapter by chapter, picking out the highlights (direct quotes from the book in italics) and offering some comments of my own.

How often are we willing to give a check to someone else as long as we don’t have to go to the tough places in the world ourselves?

What a gut check!

The Greater Than Argument

A while back I wrote an argument for the doctrine of the Trinity called The Lovely Trinity Argument (1) and it was okay in retrospect. After further study and improvement in philosophical argumentation, I have a second argument for the doctrine of the Trinity. This new argument is called The Greater Than Argument. The argument goes as follows:

Day 18 Peace

“My life is filled with the peace of Jesus Christ.”

Is your job stressing you out? Are the kids out of control? Are bills piling up? Do you find you fly off the handle more times than you’d care to admit? Tired of feeling like you are on an emotional rollercoaster that never stops? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, I’m excited to tell you that peace is available and it’s closer than you think!

Church of England Stories

Oh it pains me … Sometimes I just despair at the Church of England and their commentators. Why is it that nearly half of transgendered people under the age of 26 have attempted suicide? Is it because they are happy that we live in a country that’s welcome and caring? Nope. Still the ingrained prejudice attitudes that pervade in our society.


He has a decision to make,

For their blessing’s sake…

Stuck in holes

As boulder o’er rolls,

The bottom of what they can take!

Options there are but two,

Change or continue…

In present course

As things go worse,

Or agree with what’s known as true?

Faith is a curious thing,

Active by listening…

Then obey

Starting today,

Supply what’s missing.

–Jonathan Caswell




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