What works! 

The Word of God in your heart and mouth is your way out of every difficult situation. Stop focusing on the situation and start paying attention to the Word. No negative situation can resist this. Faith will rise in you as a result to a point of no defeat. So put the enemy of your soul to shame by believing the unchanging Word to change your world.


We have life because of the abolishment of death.

There is a kingdom where death has been abolished. All its subjects were there because they had believed in the abolishment of death which the King had ordered. The kingdoms outside of this kingdom still believed in death, and so death reigned there. The kingdom where death had been deposed, flourished; because they were free to live according to the essence of life which the King had sent forth into the kingdom.

[ CKingdom Cbanishment Cresurrection Cabolish Cdeath Clife ][2 Timothy 1-10]

Book of Revelation, Chapter 12, Verses 6 and 14 - Refuges (Locutions To The World)

Book of Revelation, Chapter 12

Verse 6
The woman herself fled into the desert where she had a place prepared by God, that there she might be taken care of for twelve hundred and sixty days.

Mary and the Women's Thirty

… Dieser Beitrag ist auch in deutscher Sprache verfügbar. … Today is Assumption of Mary.

Protest in Prayer

                Pray without ceasing 

                1 Thessalonians 5:17 

In lieu of the recent events that have taken place in Virginia.  I’m saddened by the blatant ignorance, hatred and voilence being displayed it is absolutely inexcusable.  However, I’m believing that God is in control and in the midst of it all… while also taking heed to the word that he dropped in my spirit: “Protest in Prayer.”  I immediately turned off the news and went to God in prayer.  I then realized it may appear chaotic, unjust and in every way unfair.  

Did Jesus have a Penis?

Some wonder about Jesus’ upbringing. What if Jesus would have been a girl? Jesus really never uses his penis for any of the old “in and out” and most likely just for urination purposes. Sometimes I wonder why, never once in the bible, is Jesus’ penis mentioned. But what I’m trying to say is that, because the penis was arbitrary to Jesus’ identity, why couldn’t have Jesus been a girl. There is always a fifty percent chance of having a girl because males have X and Y chromosomes, while females have X chromosomes.

Letters of Love (pt 2)...

Dear Brother,

While I use that word lightly, I still acknowledge the bloodline that connects us. We do share the same mother and the same Jamaican blood that runs through you, runs through me as well. Despite the blood, I never saw you as my brother. To me, you were the man who stole my life. You took my innocence, my joy, and my connection to reality. Yet and still I say this to you: I forgive you.


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