James 2:19

“You believe that God is one. You do well; the demons also believe, and shudder.”





Andrew Fuller

me, a philosopher? tsk

It is often too easy to get mired (affectionately called mindf**king) in the realms of religious philosophy.  No credible source whom we know or about whom we have read has physically sat down with God and discussed the kingdom, heaven and hell, salvation, etc.  Some claim to have special insight and it is these whom we should distrust the most.  When there appears video and audio of this personal God meeting on YouTube, then maybe, we could agree with the philosophy which a religionist proclaims as truth.  The preceding words are, of course, somewhat facetious and tongue-in-cheek.  But, tr

A Psalm of David (22)

1For the leader; on ayyeleth ha-shahar. A psalm of David.

ayyeleth ha-shahar: The earliest part of the dawn before the light. An instrument played in the Temple.


2My God, my God,
why have You abandoned me;
why so far from delivering me
and from my anguished roaring?

Unfinished...and it's my fault!

I have grown very fond of the song “Unfinished” from Mandisa. 

It is a great encouragement to me to be reminded that God will never quit trying to make me better.

This morning as I heard this song again on the radio, I was reflecting on this idea when I became convicted again of my own obstructionism.

God created the universe in 6 days, and yet I’ve been a Christian for decades and the Lord is “Unfinished”? 

Well it’s true, he’s not done with me yet, and I’m grateful for that, but why is he taking so long?

Oswald Chambers - Deliverance From Deception

Oswald Chambers – Deliverance From Deception

Author of “My Utmost for His Highest.”

Psalm 120:2 Deliver my soul, O Lord, from lying lips, and from a deceitful tongue.

Which Criminal Are You?

When Jesus died, He hung on the cross between two criminals. In Greek, the word is kakourgos, a compound of evil+doer. This refers to someone who’s employment is practicing wrong things. While we might not have personally broken laws that would make us criminals in our societies, we have more in common with at least one of these two men than you might think.

To Follow Christ, We Must Sacrifice Everything

Yesterday evening, I was in a store getting some snacks, and the guy in front of me was wearing an odd shirt. It had the quote “Sacrifice nothing” written on the back, and it immediately had me thinking about how we must sacrifice everything to follow Christ. Our society lives in a selfish world where it can have anything it wants and not have to face consequences, which is wrong. If you want to follow Christ, you must be willing to give up everything, and that means everything.

Speaking in Tongues (Part Two)

It’s a quiet day around here. I probably lost a few subscribers with what I posted yesterday. But it happened. It’s part of my past. I spoke in tongues. Or, if you’re not sure about all this, ‘He thinks he did.’

By calling myself a post-Charismatic — I still use Evangelical as a primary descriptive despite its liabilities — I’m saying that my Evangelicalism is product of a particular movement but one with which I no longer identified.

Why not?


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