Being Faithful With Finances

Did you know that God might be withholding a blessing from you that He wants to give you, because He

DIY Chaplet

You’ve probably all seen a set of rosary beads, even if it’s just on the telly.  Differe

True Freedom


In Transformation In Christ Dietrich von Hildebrand writes about the Christian attitude:

Book review: A 21-Day Prayer Journey by Itumeleng Matlaila

To my pleasant surprise, I won Itumeleng Matlaila’s A 21-Day Prayer Journey on Facebook from the pub

Unexpected Turn of Events

So I had my day all mapped out, and was proceeding according to that plan. That is, until I got quite a surprise in the afternoon:

Going counter-flow

There was this 3-hour evening course I really fancied, and invited my friend to come to tea, then to the course with me, and I’d drop her back home at the end. Good plan. But I hadn’t figured on the weather. She lives in a tiny village at the top of a steep hill served only by single-track winding lanes. And as we worked away on the course, the snow set in. And she needed to get home that night. I hate driving narrow lanes at the best of times – give me a motorway any day!


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