The Cathedral of the Madeleine: Pillar of Utah Christianity

By: Anne Wallace

Salt Lake City’s Cathedral of the Madeleine stands as the heart of Utah Catholicism.

Large and beautiful, its gothic architecture stands out in an area otherwise filled with sprawling apartment complexes, houses, businesses, shopping malls and other urban delights. It seems almost as if it beckons each by passer to stop and look, to take a break from temporal concerns and to remember and ponder his or her spiritual heritage.

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Running The Race As A Winner - Day Eleven

Ephesians 5:8, 17, 18

Filled with the Spirit,
I develop a deep acquaintance with Yeshua,
My God and my Savior –
Practically applying the truth.

Born in the flesh, we grew without God; separated from him in our desire, action, intent, and purpose. Born of the Spirit and adopted by God we are united with Yeshua and grow closer to the aspiration, accomplishment, purpose, and objective of God as our own craving, accomplishment, determination, and drive are disciplined by Rauch Ha Kodesh/the Holy Spirit of God.

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Jesus' Warning

Last night as I was reading my bible, the verses in Mark chapter 4 gave me chills. It talks about Jesus’ warning to us in general about our unbeliefs. God’s word is true and pure. Therefore, Jesus salvation through his death and resurrection is undoubtedly an authentic way of redeeming us and saving us from the punishment in hell. Jesus spoke about the literal hell, here are the verses:

About a day

My dearest love,

Imagine… Imagine that today I could come home to you and that I could embrace you today and see your eyes today.

Imagine… Imagine that today I could smile at you and whisper in your ear today.

But today is nearly over and tomorrow will soon be here.

Imagine… imagine that tomorrow I can walk with you hand in hand and that we can do whatever together tomorrow.

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