Evolution and Redemption: a brief look

If evolution has produced the human being as we know it today, doesn’t that mean Jesus cannot be the perfect sacrifice because He was less evolved (primarily in mental capacity) than the versions of humans that came after Him?

Courage, Dear Heart

May we always know He is near. Take courage, the Lord is on thy side….

Drinian’s hand shook on the tiller and a line of cold sweat ran down his face. The same idea was occurring to everyone on board. “We shall never get out, never get out,” moaned the rowers. “He’s steering us wrong. We’re going round and round in circles. We shall never get out.” The stranger, who had been lying in a huddled heap on the deck, sat up and burst out into a horrible screaming laugh.

Why Can’t We Perfect? (Like Jesus Said.)

Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect. Matthew 5:48

Imagine how wonderful it would be if we all did this. I would not lose patience with my children. I would listen more deeply to my wife. I would not give into temptation and eat the forbidden fruit in the pantry at midnight. My sermons would always end on time, and all of my relationships would be healthy and wholesome.

Life, Near-Death, and the Good Shepherd

It’s a pretty common occurrence to brush shoulders with death. We ride in cars. Those can be dangerous. We shower. We could fall and hit our head. We or someone we know could encounter the next world at any minute. No one is immune. “I almost died” is not an outlandish statement.   It can be scary, but it can be a reality. With that being said, I am not sure how to process my recent encounters with my own “near-death” experiences. I spent a solid week as a wandering soul, stuck somewhere between this life and the next.   I feel strange when people talk to me about it.


If this year with God could be summed up in one word, that word would be sufficient. Webster’s defines sufficient as “enough; adequate.”

In the past 18 months, I have been through heartbreak, heartache, soul searching, parenting my inner child, uprooting lies, re-writing truths, and focusing on what a relationship with the Lord looks like for an adventurous and curious 26-year-old. Sure, I know Him; Sure, I LOVE Him; Of course, I trust Him. Wait. Do I really trust the Lord of the Universe?

Treasures Hidden in the fields

Empower me to be a bold participant,

rather than a timid saint in waiting,

in the difficult ordinariness of now;

to exercise the authority of honesty,

rather than to defer to power,

or deceive to get it;

to influence someone for justice,

rather than impress anyone for gain;

and, by grace, to find treasures

of joy, or friendship, of peace

hidden in the fields of the daily

you give me to plow.

– Ted Lodler

Reflections on Psalms 110-112

Which psalm or verse especially reflects your heart today?  Use those words to talk to the Lord. Kin

Sermon - Palm Sunday 2017

Scripture:  the Triumphal Entry (Luke)
April 9, 2017
First Congregational Church UCC, Anoka, MN


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