Chapter 5: The Multiplying Community

This is part 5 of my series reading, highlighting, and commenting on David Platt’s book Radical. I’m going chapter by chapter, picking out the highlights (direct quotes from the book in italics) and offering some comments of my own.

Good night all.

May God comfort and guide us as we sleep, amen? 

PSALMS: Guilt by Dietrich Bonhoeffer

From Psalms More seldom than we expect, the prayer for the forgiveness of sins meets us in the psalm

Fate of the Lir-Brood III… Stuart France

* Depart from me as graceful swans The waters be now your home Your palace hall is a pearly cave Its

Dissenting views are not productive

Everything is political. Life, by very nature, is political. Every choice you make is political.

But here, for a minute, please understand I am not talking about American political parties, or socialism, or communism, or any other mainline political system. I’m not talking about propaganda from the top government.

Lets talk about religion–American Evangelicalism to be specific.

Christianity is not.....

One of my favorite authors….Brennan Manning SaveSave

This is my daughter whom I love: thoughts on marriage

I was reading something the other day on my friend M.K’s blog about love, and it got me thinking about my own ideas about marriage. I’ve had my own beliefs on the matter, although I’ve never thought of voicing or discussing them with another until the aforesaid M.K. suggested it might be a good idea for a blog post :P . In reality I think no one is going to want to hear thoughts about marriage from a person who has been in matrimony for less than twenty successful years, much less five.


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