The Music of the Spheres

Day 94: Tuesday

Good morning Zak,

It’s cloudy outside in Milan.  I don’t really feel like writing.  I think I’ll just curate other people’s words today.

Quotation 1

Allow me to start you off with a piquant taste of French existentialism.  The vintage year on this one falls somewhere in the 17th century, I believe.  Of course we all know the French have been existential for at least that long:

“The eternal silence of these infinite spaces terrifies me.”

-Blaise Pascal, Pensées

Mid Afternoon Meditation 4-25-17

Have mercy on me, O God,     because of your unfailing love. Because of your great compassion,     b

Tolstoy Journal, April 25, 2017: The Real Motorcycle

The above is, I think, my last travel book, so who know what the featured image will be tomorrow? I love the cover of this book and it opens under the dedication with a quote from Leo Tolstoy: “The vocation of every man and woman is to serve other people.” It also includes the story James Joyce said was the greatest, “How Much Land Does a Man Need?” I wonder if our president has read it; I very much doubt it.

The Head vs The Heart

Author’s note: Though I wrote this piece back in 2010, and much has changed with me since then

Still Hear The Whisper

It’s 11:30 in the morning, and I’ve already had my share of crying today. I’ve calmed down but I still want to crawl in my bed and just sleep the day away. Oh wait, I have problems with my muscles tightening terribly anytime I try to relax… so sleeping is usually out of pure exhaustion. I wonder how much crying I have to do to get to the point of exhaustion.


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